ulite replied to your post: HRT, a month in review: I have emotion…

i hear that there are more than two emotions, let me know if you can confirm

I have felt at least 3 emotion, 2 remain without names

HRT, a month in review: I have emotions now, I think

I’m only two player commendations away from the Coveted Pope Hat

I keep zoning in to do my animus fates just as they’re being completed on the other side of the map

the part of Parks and Rec where Chris is depressed and playing what the subtitles call Tragic Opera at the couples dance and Tom is like “this music.. sounds like it’s from the end of a movie about a monk who kills himself” “it is!” is the hardest I’ve laughed in so long

>Age of Kings 647

>not spelling it “elfs” instead of “elves”

if you ever get dropped from financial aid they’ll literally never stop telling you you were. they’ll send you like five fucking emails and 3 letters in the mail to make sure you’re as guilty as they want you to be

god I’m on Titan HM in duty roulette and the healers used the level 3 limit break but all of the people who died fell off so it revived No One


Because I leveled up I can post my new article on the Community front page.