all of those -gatari animes are really obnox to me cause it’s all like “no, yeah, this is satire” yet all it boils down to is doing the same thing as all of the unintelligent, exploitative, pandering sister-fucker “oh no my cleavage” catgirl shower scene horny otaku wish fulfillment harem garbage that came before it but with a bigger budget to burn and including nods that end up feeling more like vigorous head-shaking to all of the stereotypes and overused tropes it’s supposedly lampooning while making it ridiculous and incohesive and throwing in stupid fight scenes so they can justify their claims that it’s just jokes

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  2. ishimarukiyotaka said: and then they act like OH NO THE CHARACTERS ARE AWARE OF IT, SO THAT ACTUALLY MEANS ITS REALLY DEEP it pisses me off because the budget and effort going into it could go towards something ACTUALLY good but nope. no!!! hahaha. japan. hahaha.
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